Thursday, June 09, 2005

And at the End the Beginning

I am trying a blog for the very first time… hopefully it will be a great way for people I don’t see often to keep up with me:).

I am beginning this blog at the end/beginning of an important part of my life. I have officially resigned from the job that I have worked at for 3 years. This has been such a hard decision because I have been so blessed at UTS. I have had an awesome opportunity to work with great people over these last few years. I have been touched deeply by the things that friends and colleagues have spoken to me as they find out that I am leaving. Everyone that I have come in contact with has helped develop me into the person that I am today and I am truly thankful for each encounter. There were times that I had to be tough and that was no fun for me or the person that I was being tough to, but I truly believe that I was trying to do my job correctly and to the best of my ability. I certainly made many mistakes as I learned to become a supervisor, but I really believe that I learned from each of those mistakes. There have also been more good times than I can count, and I will always remember the fun of almost burning down a building or having a life size paper-doll of me scaring others as they walk through the department. Of course what I will miss the most is just the everyday times with those that I truly call friends at UTS.

I guess if I had one thing that I could say to everyone that I have encountered over the last few years it would be that the good that they have seen is a direct result of the impact Jesus has had in my life. I have tried to be very careful and respectful of working in a place with multiple cultures and religions represented, because I do not believe that offending someone or hitting them over the head with a Bible is a way to reach out to them. I do believe that I have probably been too passive in the way I talk to people about Christ. I get angered by intolerance and people who judge or abuse others because they are different, unfortunately many people think this is the way Christians act. I know that there are many people that call themselves Christians that act this way but if they truly want to be like Christ, then they will do what He did for people that were different. Christ is our example and He didn’t curse or degrade those that were different and imperfect; He loved them, ate with them, prayed for them and eventually gave His life for them.

My biggest hope that those that feel they have seen nice or good things in me realize that truly it is the God that I serve wanting to love them the same way He loves me. There is nothing keeping them from Him, He is already loving them, all they have to do is accept that love and then grow in it.

I will keep everyone from UTS in my prayers (and my lunch plans :).


Shaun said...

#1 po0phead wha wha wha!

Kimberly said...

For every door that closes, another opens . . . although I'll miss your day-to-day presence, I can visit Tudy and log on to your blog. Ain't life grand!!!

Dave said...


sheilao61 said...

You have always had something unique and wonderful inside. This journey is but one outward example. Follow your heart and follow Him. Be well and know you are very dear to us.