Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Trying again...

Hello All,

I wanted you to see our newest kitty. His name is Dex (short for Dexter). He has already been called Dexi and Dexatrim - cuz he is a skinny little guy. I stopped by my Vets yesterday and ended up coming home with this one. I thought it might help to have a kitty around, but I have noticed that it makes me miss Dubya more. Dubya was so perfect... I mean never bit me, never clawed at me, never jumped on counter tops or hid from me. This kitty is much more normal I think... but it is hard to not compare him to mister perfect that I had before. Dex is still pretty nervous in his new home... he hides when I come in the room, but then will come out and greet me once he knows who it is. I had to get him out from behind the refridgerator this AM :). He hasn't posed for the camera quite yet, but once he is more comfortable I will get more shots loaded.