Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Much has been given to me...

Tonight I wanted to give my 2 year old a bath. We had pancakes for dinner and she was covered in syrup. Such a fun and sweet sticky little mess. As I went to fill the tub the water slowly dribbled out and had dirt and mineral deposits in it. I was immediately extremely frustrated because this is a problem we have has for a few days. My washing machine has had issues as well as other sinks in the house. However almost as soon as my frustration hit I had a realization and my heart was flooded with a sorrowful thankfulness. So many mothers and fathers throughout the world struggle to be able to give their children clean drinking water. It is possible that to many mothers "clean" bath water isn't even considered. Maybe they have never given a child a bath in clean water. My concern is a little dirt. I'm not worried over sewage or a complete shortage of water! I have read stories about mothers who give their children the only water they have access to and then hold them when they cry later because of the parasites in their stomach. Oh God! Oh God, I cannot even imagine.

Just last month we were visiting my inlaws church. They are a small church in a small town but they have a huge heart for missions. This week there was missions information on an insert in the bulletin. As I began to read my eyes immediately welled with tears. It was talking about delivering food to a remote place in Africa. It said that, unlike many places where food was delivered, there was no jumping or shouting for joy. The people just laid there. They were so malnourished that the children didn't even have the strength to cry and the mothers didn't have the strength to hold their dying children. In my disgusting selfishness I stopped reading. I was embarrassed that I couldn't hold back the tears and I did not want to embarrass my in-laws. Ever since that Sunday I have not been able to shake the image and the feeling of desperation that is probably just one thousandth the way those mothers really felt.

So, today as I sit and watch my H take her bath in her mostly clean tub surrounded by toys and things that bring her joy I am reminded of how much I have and how there are millions that would cherish the opportunity to give their child a clean bath. Truly my cup runs over. Beth Moore once said that "if you have enough money to buy a book and enough education to read it that you are among the wealthiest 1% of the world". I am thankful that God gives me these reminders. Reminders that there is much need in our world and that He has equipped me in some way to reach out and help.

To whom much is given much is required (Luke 12:48). So I ask myself, what does it mean that I have been blessed with so much and so many opportunities? What are ways that I can give from the overflow that I have? Even as I reread that last sentence I realize that God may not want me to just give out of overflow but to give even when it is difficult or painful. Lord, please do not let me miss Your leading. I want God to find that I have been wise and used to the full all that He has given me.