Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In Memory of Dubya 2004-2005

As you could tell from an earlier blog entry, my kitty Dubya has been sick. I took him back to the doctor last Wednesday since his fever wasn’t improving. She gave me more antibiotic and pain medication and sent him home. Nathan and I started to notice that by Christmas day his stomach was getting swollen… he wasn’t eating so it couldn’t be from food… so I took him back to the Dr. on Monday December 26th. They X-rayed him and found that he was bloating and that nothing was able to get through his intestines and out of his body. Today December 27 they decided that surgery was needed to find out what was constricting his digestive flow. When they opened him up green liquid poured out of his abdomen. Apparently he had a disease called FIP which can manifest itself through liquid in the body cavity and then fibers that grow in that liquid. The fibers are what was constricting his organs making him unable to digest and move food through his body. When the Dr. called me to tell me about the results of his surgery she also said that FIP was fatal and that there isn’t any cures or ways to make it less painful for him. I asked her what she would do if it was her cat, and she said put him down while he is still under anesthesia so he doesn’t feel the pain from the surgery. I drove out to the Vet Clinic and pet him and kissed his little head for the last time while they injected him with the medicine that would stop his heart. I will always remember the joy he brought into my life by waking me up at 3:30 in the morning cuddling my face. How he would always come when I called him and he loved to lay on me and rub his head on my chin. How when you scratched his lower back he would lift his hind end up so you could scratch him easier. How he would play or nap with me. How he would follow me all over the house only wanting to be with me and be loved by me. I will miss his precious face and great cat personality. He was a perfect first cat for me, even if I didn’t get to keep him a long time. I am so thankful for the time that I did have with him. I believe God brought him into my life so that his last weeks would be filled with love.
This blog is in memory of my sweet Dubya whom I will always love.

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