Thursday, February 12, 2009

Concert at our Church... and prayer request

Have you ever heard of Jason Gray, Matthew West or Sanctus Real? You may have heard of the last two, but I think Jason Gray is not as popular of a name. These bands, these people are all really great people. We hosted a concert at our church for these three bands through wayfm ( on Tuesday night. I would say the person I was most impresed with was Matthew West. He was running late getting to our site and was pressed for time yet he spent time introducing himself to us and thanking us. He was so humble. So nice. Jason Gray was also super kind and so normal and down to earth. If you haven't heard his music, you need to check it out... If you are a fan of Derek Webb old school, you will like Jason Gray. He is so real. I am enjoying his storytelling CD because he talks between songs. He shares about the fact that he struggles with stuttering and how God is using him. Just wanted to give those guys a shout out because they were all really fabulous! If you get to go to a concert with them it is worth it!

I would also like to ask for prayer for an upcoming event for our ladies ministry at our church. We are taking a bus full of women to Orlando Florida to see Joyce Meyer. Please be praying for us as we are one week away from leaving. Joyce Meyer is a strong, truth telling, Holy Spirit guided woman and I am very excited to be able to bring our group to hear her. Please pray that our hearts and minds will be prepared and ready to receive the word God has for us. Please pray against distractions and difficulties that will present themselves before we are able to leave. Please pray for safety as we are traveling. I will update you after the trip to share stories and the fruit of your prayers. Thank you!


Jeff Brown said...

Thanks for mentioning 90.3 WAY-FM!

Amy said...

Glad to! Thankful for you guys!