Monday, September 25, 2006

An Update on why I am going to India

Hello Friends,

I wanted to give everyone more information about my upcoming India Trip. I am SO EXCITED. In Dec 2004 the first Christmas Celebration happened. The workers of Rahab's walked the streets talking to the Commercial Sex Workers inviting them to come and receieve a free meal. They did... over 100 women came to that first dinner. They gave them Saris which are the dresses they wear (and it is an honor to receive.) They came and heard about Jesus. This is the first time that they had ever heard of a man that didn't want to abuse or use them, just love them and He has already proven that through His death on the cross. This is what created the RR home where we went to visit in June 2005. Last Christmas (2005) they expected around 250 women to come... but over 500 did! It was an awesome time for RR and the women that want to come out of the horrible life of prostitution that they are a part of. I have NO IDEA how many people are coming this December... I CANNOT WAIT. I get to be a part of the tech team. Those of you that contacted me should have received a DVD of my last trip... hopefully I will be able to create one of those for this trip as well.

I am asking for prayer coverage. Please email me at with Prayer Coverage as the subject so that I can add you to a list of people that I want to email as I prepare and go to India.

As far as finances go... I am doing pretty good. I don't have all of it yet, but I am about 1/2 way there. If God lays it on your heart to give towards this trip, please contact me. I know that He will bring every penny in and bless the trip.

Sorry I haven't done a great job of keeping this up. Thank you for your friendship and love!


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