Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Emails sent from my most recent India trip

Last day:
It is with a heavy heart that I am writing you. I love the women somuch that it is hard to leave them. We had the Christmas celebrationon Friday. There were many women there. Around 300 I believe. Therewere many rumors going around the streets that if the women came theywould be forced to accept Christianity and there were some battlesbetween rival prostitute groups. I believe the ones that God ordained to be there were there. It was a powerful time. The women from Rahab's performed and our group performed and we were able to present our Pro Life information as well. David preached at the end and talked to them about their need for Christ. He said that it was an important life changing decision and not to take it on lightly. He then asked the women to stand that felt that they needed Jesus as their one and only God (an important distinction since Hindus will gladly accept Jesus to add to the gods they worship). All of the women stood and prayed. I find myself wondering how many were serious and then I realized that every one of them had a seed planted. I am sure many were saved that day, but even more have received life changing information that will be with them. Please pray for that seed to take root and that they will go to Rahab's to learn more.Another major development was that there were eunichs there, 40 total. In India a eunich can mean a few things 1) that they were taken at a young age and had rituals performed on them castrating them 2) they were born with male and female parts and they choose to keep the female parts and do away with the male or 3) that they are homosexuals living the lifestyle. Almost all of them were dressed like women. They have a very hard life and they came and stayed afterwards to learn more about Jesus. There will be a ministry starting here soon for the eunichs so it was of God that so many were there to hear about it. I will give more details about them in a later email.Yesterday we went to the Beullah home orphanage. What beautiful children. I have many pictures and stories to share about these precious ones that I will send later as well.I have to go and pack. I have MANY pictures that I cannot wait to share with all of you. Thank you so much for your prayers - you have made this trip possible. There were times when the spiritual warfare was fierce and I was thankful that I knew there were prayers being sent on our behalf.With a thankful heart,Amy

1/2 way through trip:
Dear Friends,I could not wait to write you. I knew you would want this update. Itis a long one, but worth the read (trust me, I left so many detailsout because there is just so much to share!)Today we went to Rahab's... the point of the time was sharing Jesusand a Pro-Life message with the ladies there (there are 4 ladies onthe trip that work at a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Gainesville).Abortion is a major problem in India because there is no value in lifeand there were 7 pregnant women there.The first Pro-Life woman shared how she had been molested ever sincethe age of 5 and how that impacted her life and how Jesus was able tocome in and heal her. Then she had pictures and shared about fetaldevelopment... and how a baby is a baby from conception. The womenwere amazed. Many of them would be shocked when their body would growand not know it was a baby until it was born (hard to believe I know,but the education level/mind development of most are around 2ndgrade). We gave them babies that are the size of real babies at 12weeks in the womb and lots of literature that was translated intotheir language.The second woman shared about how she had lived a promiscuouslifestyle and had an abortion and the guilt, depression and pain shefelt from that. Then she shared about Jesus and how He came to herand made her pure as snow. Many of the ladies were openly weeping atthis point.Then I spoke. I shared a story of how a young woman of 16 had to facea decison whether to give her baby life or abort her. I talked abouthow scary it would have been to have to make that decision and that inthe end she choose to give her baby life and that I was that baby. Ifshe had not chosen life, I could not be there to love them and sharethe story of Jesus with them. The ladies were surprised and so loving.The last woman spoke and shared a story about how she was given avision of Jesus. He was The Gate, irredecent and see through andthere were stairs leading up to Him and that we passed through Him toget to heaven. The ladies eyes were huge as they listened to thestory and in the end Wanda asked if anyone wanted to know Jesus. Atleast 4 women jumped up saying yes! When it was time to pray manymany women covered their heads and prayed along with the women whowere kneeling. Praise God!That was my morning - what a great one!Tonight we went to a home that serves as a tutoring location forchildren of the slums. They give them the only meal that they eat ina day and they love these children as their own - all 220 of them. Itis an amazing ministry that teaches these children about Christ andthey witness in their schools and with their families. It was ablessing beyond words to see and hear them.Well, I am winding down - I pray that all of you are doing well.Thank you so much for your prayers - Erin is in wonderful health nowand we are really enjoying eachother as a team. I am attaching a fewpictures so that you can see the ladies from this morning and some ofthe children.Until next time,AmyAmy ClackumThirty-One GiftsShop at my website:

First day:
Hi Everyone,This will be my last update for a few days, but I wanted to let you know that we arrived safely in India early this AM.Today we were able to go to Rahab's and spend some time with the women.It is so great to see the familiar faces again... we listened to manyshare their story. One stands out in my mind as I sit tonight. She isan older woman who go up and shared about how she almost committedsuicide. We missed some in translation, but she was connected toRahab's Rope and decided that she wasn't worthless and that there werepeople who could care for her and a God that loved her. She choose tokeep her life and become a regular attender at Rahab's. She is nowreconcilled with her family and thankful for her life. What a blessing.Updated Prayer Requests:-Rest, we had a long night, getting home at 4:30 and then being up at 8.-Shanti - she is an "association" leader. Associations are kind oflike prostitute gangs. She consistently comes to Rahab's and knows allof the right answers, but it hasn't translated to her heart yet. Shehas "earned" her way up to "pimp" so that she no longer has to sell herbody, but she sets up younger prostitutes with men. She has told Vickithat she has "no tears". We are praying that God will provide her withtears that He can use to wash away the life she still chooses to live.The paradox of the situation is that she brings women to Rahab's... aplace where they can be free from prostitution. Please pray for God'slight to enter her situation.Thank you for your prayers, my hope is to be able to update you againbefore the trip is over.In His Glad Service,AmyAmy ClackumThirty-One GiftsShop at my website:

On the way:
good morningwe are already in germany and the trip is off to a great start. thegroup is fun and i think we will mix well. please pray for erin, eversince getting on the plane she has exhibited signs of a bladderinfection... thank you for your prayers... i will write again as soonas i canAmy Clackum

About to leave:
Hi Everyone!I am leaving in the morning for India! I will arrive there at 2pmSaturday (which is 12:30 AM Sunday in India).Thank you for you prayers and support. You all mean more than I canshare with words. I will try to update you as soon as I am there (if atree doesn't fall on the Internet - a joke for those that receivedemails from our last trip).Specific prayer requests for now:-Travel into Bangalore-Teamship for the different ladies going-All bags arrive safely in BangaloreMore updates to come! Thank you again!Amy Clackum

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