Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am so excited...

Do you ever have those moments when you exhale and have the realization that you enjoy your life so much? Not that everything is perfect... sometimes even far from it. But still you know that you are blessed and your cup runs over? I just had one of those moments.

I am getting very excited. I am leaving in less that a week to go to LA to spend some beach time with my birth family. If you don't know much about me... I am adopted. My amazing adopted parents were so secure in themselves and my love for them that at age 17 they helped me meet my birthmother. She is now like a sister/BFF to me. I haven't gotten to spend much time with her over the last 2 years so that is why I am so excited to go and hang out with her, my birth grandmother (the hippest grandma you could EVER meet... seriously) and my very awesome brothers and sister. I even get to meet the bros girlfriends. I am so thankful to my dad for buying my airline ticket so that I can visit with my family.

Even though I didn't grow up knowing them... when I am not with them there is a piece of me that doesn't make sense. If you are someone who grew up with your birth family then that statement probably doesn't make sense to you. I love my parents dearly... they are always going to be my mommy and daddy...the ones that kissed scraped knees and helped me with my catching skills on a pop-up ball (it sounds like I was a little boy doesn't it? :) and helped mold me into the person I am today. Still, there is something about being with the people who have your DNA, your chemical makeup, the same stuff you were put together with that helps a piece of you make sense. I don't really know how to explain it at all. Maybe a good comparison is that after we become Christians we have a part of us that is the same as other Christians. The Holy Spirit in us connects with the Holy Spirit in someone else that is a believer. That doesn't mean we cannot love others who are not Christians at all... but there is just that extra understanding... extra connection with those that love Christ. Anyway... I am just living in excitement right now.

I have lots of reading to do before the hubby gets home tonight... so I am going to sign off. I hope that you are able to have many "cup runneth over" moments!

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