Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thoughts Running Wild

There is so much going on in life. Lots of it is great. Some of it is difficult. I find that if I am not careful, my mind will become consumed with these thoughts. The "what will we do" and "how will we do it" types of questions that I honestly do not have answers for right now. So then the worrying or concern creeps in and begins to not only steal my focus on the here and now but also my joy. Today I couldn't stop mulling over this one issue that I have. Yes, it is a big one and worthy of thought, but not worthy enough to consume me. The only thing that should consume my mind is my Lord. The only thing I want as natural as breathing is spiritual things of my God. So, what to do? Today I found something that genuinely helped!! You see, I have had the first chapter of the book of James hanging on my bathroom mirror in hopes that maybe through putting on my makeup that I would have it memorized. Beth Moore put a challenge out in her book on James to memorize the whole book. I was excited about doing that because I love the scripture but I forgot that post-baby brain cells do not like to remember even the most basic things like where I put my keys or what I am making for dinner so how in the world did I think I would be able to memorize a whole book of the Bible?! Well, today in the midst of looking in the mirror and asking myself yet again what I would do about this certain issue I decided to grab the printout of James and get started. I just kept reading the first verse out loud over and over. Then I would put the paper away and say it. I moved on the the second verse and just kept going and going. I realized that in this process my mood changed. My outlook improved and it even spoke to my specific situation (the Word of God is so alive! Don't you think?!). So my encouragement to you is when you are in that place of not being able to stop thinking about something that has no right to consume you pick a favorite chapter in the Bible and start memorizing. Read it out loud. Over and over and over. Don't stop until you have become different sitting under the grace and wisdom of God. The Bible says that God will give wisdom to those that ask and that He gives it liberally and without reproach. Do you know how I know that? It is in James 1:5 and I just memorized it. What a blessing to know that God will meet us where we are and give wisdom to us if we ask in faith, believing that it will happen. I am going to go back to my memorizing now but I wanted to share this with you because it was an immediate help in my time of need. I hope you are having a lovely Thursday.

With a Thankful Heart,

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