Sunday, March 17, 2013

Backpack or RV Traveling

How do I pack for a trip?  It depends on the goal of the trip.  If it is to relax I make sure I have my comfy sweat pants, a few good books and some munchies.  If it is a business trip I make sure that I have the appropriate clothing, items needed for work, etc. 

Yes, I tend to over pack for most trips.  I bring 1 too many pairs of pants or an extra pair of shoes.  Maybe even an extra outfit or two because I am not sure about the ability to launder my clothing but I have never packed my whole closet, sets of bed linens, kitchen utensils, a chair and television.  That would be ridiculous.  Why would I need all of that stuff for a trip?  It would just weigh me down, slow me down and keep my focus off of the goal of my trip.

“My home is in Heaven. I'm just traveling through this world.” Billy Graham

I just couldn’t shake this quote as I thought about the analogy of traveling through this world.  If that is the case then really anything that is not of actual use right now is extra/unnecessary. 
Now I am not going to say that I am living in a one room house and I only own 1 outfit that I launder every night to wear the next day.  I am thankful that I do not feel like God has called me to that and I pray that if He did that I would be willing to do it.  I don’t believe that God is nearly as concerned about what we own as He is about what owns us. 

More than anything, I just keep thinking about living this life like it is temporary, because it is.  There isn’t any part of this life that will go with me to the next except the actions and decisions I made in reference to the gifts, talents and finances that God gave me. 

I am looking around my home and my life and trying to discern what treasures I have “put up”.  We used to live in a relatively small but wonderful house in a neighborhood.  Then we moved to a farm in NC and the house was much bigger.  Do you know that in no time I had filled that entire house?  Then we moved again and the house we are in now is probably the nicest that we have lived in.  Let me tell you, it is slam packed with stuff.  It makes me sick because so little of it is being used.

So, for month 3 of Seven (click here to learn more about this book) I am giving away items.  Jen gave away 210 items (that is 7 a day for a month).  I keep thinking there is no way I will have that much but I bet I will be surprised.  I have already packed up over 50 items just from my closet.  I haven’t even cracked the door on the guest room, aka, the “hoarders in training” center. 

I will update on what the rest of the month looks like as I get farther into it.  All I know is that, once again, God is giving me a clear command to simplify and stop wasting what He has for me and others. 

I am only a little sorry that this is, once again, another post on stuff but as Si on Duck Dynasty would say “this is where He has me, Jack!”.  Maybe if when I finally get this all right I will get to post about other topics. 

So, are you drowning in stuff too?  Want to join me in the challenge to give away 210 things?  If so, post in the comments below “I’m In!”.  Thanks for being on this journey with me.  

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