Sunday, April 07, 2013

Seven Update... Media Free Month

Hi there!

It feels like it has been a long time since I have blogged even though I think it has only been a couple of weeks. I have around 4 drafts that you will probably never see.  Sorry but I think they were really just for me :).  

Normally when I blog it is late at night when the house is quiet and I have a burning passion to share something that God is working on me about.  I hope you know that I share, not because I feel like everyone should be on my path, but because my hope is that in some way it encourages you on the path that you are on.  I also hope you know that I am in NO WAY patting myself on the back.  In fact, usually my blogs are about the ways that God is opening my eyes to my epic failures.  I blog because He is so amazing and patient with me and He is bringing me through these amazing places and I have a heart to encourage you if you are in the middle of something too.  It even feels weird blogging about fasting since the point of fasting is for it to be a hidden, closet event but since most of you really do not know me you cannot give me any glory and I pray that I have shared each step in a way that gives HIM all the glory and honor. Anyway, it is neither late at night nor do I have a burning need to share right now, this is just an update on Seven progress (what's Seven, read here and here) and a desire to chat with you.   

Seven.  Oh Seven, how I mourned (actually shed tears) when I finished this book.  I was trying to read it slowly so that I could digest.  I rarely do that, I usually prefer to swallow a book whole without chewing.  I have always sped read and I know that at times I miss important details because of it.  So, I was purposeful with Seven and I believe that it enhanced the comprehension and retention greatly (I guess time will tell).  I am currently on my Media month fast.  I would have to say that, other than the Food fast, I was pretty stinking worried that this would be one of the worst months.  To me Facebook is the best communication tool in the world.  "Did you know that I just ate Chocolate with Salt in it? Yumm..."  "I am heading to Walmart, pray for me"  "The Bug just _______ (insert any number of adorable things she does in the day)."  I communicate with family that live out of state this way, I follow the posts of precious people with children that are battling for their life on Facebook, I find out what is going to be on the next episode of my favorite show and what my girlfriends are making for dinner on there.  How does one live without that vital knowledge?!  (Does it sound like I am addicted to you?  Ya, I agree.)  So for the Media fast I am doing without Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Fun Blogs, YouTube (I listen to lots of sermons during the day - this is not for silly cat videos, scouts honor), TV shows (other than one that is my quality time with hubby once a week) and Radio/iPod.  I am truly living a quiet life (if possible with a 3 year old) until May 1st.  

Do you know what?  I am a week in and it is FABULOUS.  Just like I have found in the last two months, doing without something that seems like such a part of me opens up lots of space for God to move!  The food month was tough because of how monotonous it was (just eating 7 foods without condiments and only water to drink is boooooring).  However, I learned about the how and why I overeat and that God is truly able to satisfy those deep places of longing much better than great tasting food.  Plus it was a daily reminder to pray for those that would have been thankful for the small food choices I did have.  It really kept my mind on the poor of this world.  The clothing month was difficult only in my need to actually think ahead to make sure my only pair of jeans were clean (insert funny story about the day I had to run out in my hole filled sweat pants and I wasn't supposed to get out of the car until my child told me poop was coming out of her bottom.  Embarrassing moments at Captian D's? Ahh I love being a mom!).  No, seriously I actually loved the fact that my decisions were as simple as "what shirt will I wear today? Oh, the other one."  I also realized that I put a lot of importance on the  jewelry I choose to wear and I try to reflect important things about myself through them.  However, the best way to share (ahem, cross necklace) is to actually talk to someone about my Jesus.  You mean they cannot tell I am a Christian from my bling? Are you sure?  I know, not rocket science, but somehow these things were not as crisp and clear as they are now.  

So back to Media free month.  Yes, I miss getting to see the day to day goings on of my friends and I definitely miss the quick texts that I exchange with my Bestie about our days but I do NOT miss the interruptions.  The need to stop what I am doing and share a picture or thought with the world.  The buzz and dings of my phone going off constantly.  The fact that it takes my eyes off of my little girl and even more so how it takes my eyes off of my Heavenly Father.  Why have I created such an idea within me that everyone needs to know what I am doing all the time anyway?  I think that the view I have of myself is skewed/blown up because I really do feel the need to share everything I am doing.  Ya'll, I am just not that important!  The self aggrandizement snuck in so quietly I didn't realize it was there, really.  God is really shrinking my puffed up self this month and it's a good burn.  I can honestly say I really do not miss the TV that much but I do miss my YouTube and music but even doing without those things for a time feels wise because I can be so busy listening to the things of God that I forget to stop and listen TO God.  

What I love is that this month is falling during a time when I will be out of town for a few days for a very special event.  A ministry that I have started to volunteer with called With This Ring (due to my deep love and appreciation for their mission to share the idea of Radical Giving) has asked me to come be a part of their 2013 Gala.  I will even have a few moments to share from the stage about where God has me in my journey.  I cannot tell you what a blessing it is that I am having a break from the noise of technology so I can focus on the Still Small Voice as I beg Him to give me His Words for these special people.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers for this event.  There are many things that seem to be battling the preparation and I absolutely believe this battle is spiritual.  Please join us in praying against any plans formed against the ministry and for us to honor God in every way possible with this event.  If you are interested in being a part of it or learning more or even donating so that others can attend visit         

I hope this post makes sense and even somewhere in it you have been encouraged.  The idea of fasting from different things in my life for a month has been a beautifully difficult blessing.  I look forward to repeating these fasts again later in the year and learning even more about myself and my God.  I highly suggest talking to God about what areas in life He may want to prune in you so you can tune in more clearly.  He is faithful to complete the work He is doing in you (Phil 1:6-7) and I am so glad that He is for all our sakes.  Thanks for stopping by and catching up.  I would love to hear what God is doing in your life... feel free to leave a comment :).

With a Thankful Heart,

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